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To TSN, society is one of our priorities in corporate governance and we aim to manage our impact on society

A. Managing our impact on society

We believe that societies and communities where we work should benefit from our presence. TSN operations have the potential to positively impact local communities by creating jobs, generating tax revenues, providing opportunities for local suppliers and supporting community development initiatives. 

B. Supporting development in societies where we work

When managed properly, our presence in a region has the potential to enhance economics development. When we set up new projects, we always try to look for opportunities to share the benefits of our presence. This includes contributing to economies through our core business activities, for example by giving advantage to local procurements.

Our presence also provides jobs, opportunities for local suppliers and tax revenues.

C. Local workforce & suppliers

We enhance internal resource and intellectual potential inside the country, aim to use local labour and talent wherever possible, and seek to recruit from the local community. For example, at all of our plants across Vietnam, the majority of employees are local people.We seek to promote the use of local suppliers where appropriate. For example, many of our technical parts are purchased within the local community.