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We rely upon the safety of our operations, workforce and the communities around us

Safety is our top priority. We strive to create and maintain safe and healthy working environments and to apply extra safety procedures at our plants. Safety can be classified into different groups as:

A. Process safety: Preventing incidents at our operations

TSN works to prevent, mitigate and respond to accidents such as fires, machineries defection...

Process safety refers to how we manage to prevent accidents. Major incidents in process safety are infrequent events but can result in serious harm to people and the environment. We seek to keep our people safe and prevent harm to the environment by applying good design principles, and safety procedures at our facilities.

B. Plant and asset management

We invest in high integrity safety systems and put measures in place to mitigate potential accidents. These include upgrading plants and buildings, investing in technologies and improving control systems.

C. Health and personal safety

We take the welfare of our staff seriously, and strive to create and maintain safe and healthy working environments. We monitor and report on key personal safety metrics such as day away from work case frequency. We include both employees and contractors in our data.

Our aim is to keep our people safe when they are working on our sites, where everyone feels responsible for their own safety as well as for the safety of those around them. Each member of the workforce has an obligation and authority to stop unsafe work. We also provide training on identifying hazards and addressing risks associated with tasks to our operations personnel. 

Our health strategy focuses on how we can create healthy working environments and support the health of our employees. We work to reduce exposure to occupational risks that may include infectious diseases, stress and other health issues. Our operations must follow with the objective of preventing harm to the health of employees, contractors, visitors and members of local communities who may live or work near our operating sites.

D. Contractor safety

We seek to set out clear and consistent expectations of our contractor. Our ability to be a safe and responsible operator depends in part on the capability and performance of our contractors. On the other hand, we are also keen to learn from the experience of our contractors. 

We continiously do self verification and audit, engage with contractors to support their own safety management. Our approach is to work collaboratively with contractors in a way that seeks to avoid the need for intervention. Where they do not meet our requirements, we may also seek to shut down, delay contractor operations until our requirements have been met.

E. Transportation and driving safety

Some of the greater risks to our workforce, and in our industry, relate to transportation. Driving safety remains a high priority for us. We assess driving issues to identify areas for improvement because we rely some parts of our operation on vehicles such as trucks, forklifters, crawlers....

We have a driving safety programme which our drivers are compulsory to attend, as well as other TSN employees are strongly recommended to take part in.