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TSN and Sustainability

Sustainability is our priority

We believe that the best way for TSN to achieve sustainable success as a company is to act in the long-term interests of our stakeholders, partners and society. TSN’s objective is to create value for stakeholders and provide waste treatment solution in a safe and responsible way. We strive to be a responsible operator and a good employer.

Keeping a relentless focus on safety is naturally a top priority for us. Rigorous management of risk helps to protect people on site. We understand that operating in hazardous environment requires particular sensitivity to local environments. We continue to enhance our systems, processes and standards, including how we manage the risks that can be created by the actions of our contractors.
We can only operate if we keep and improve the trust of people inside and outside the company. We must earn people’s trust by being responsible in everything we do. We monitor our performance closely and aim to report in a transparent way. We believe good communication are vital if we are to meet expectations of stakeholders in which we operate.

We are focusing on where we can generate the most value, and not necessarily the most volume, through our operation. We are also investing in more modern technologies that have the potential to contribute to our high standard.
By providing waste treatment solution, we support economic development and help to improve quality of people. Our activities also generate jobs, investment, infrastructure and revenues for governments and local communities.