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Recycle at home

What to recycle

How can you recycle more at home? There are many materials in your rooms that can be recycled. Remember 3 things before you recycle: Wash, Squash, Pop. We will introduce you lists of recyclable items from different rooms in your house:

1. Shampoo and shower gel bottles
2. Aerosol cans, such as shaving foam and deodorants
3. Plastic bleach bottles and toilet cleaning products
4. Cardboard toilet roll cores
5. Toothpaste

1. Tissue boxes
2. Cardboard labels and paper packaging on new clothes
3. Magazines
4. Glass perfume bottles
5. Nail varnish remover bottle

1. Beer and soft drink cans
2. Chocolate sweet boxes
3. Magazines and newspapers
4. Tissue boxes
5. Wine bottles.
6. Beer bottles.

1. Beverage cartons from milk, juice and soup
2. Food tins and large sweet and biscuit tins
3. Milk and yogurt bottles
4. Detergent and washing up liquid bottles
5. Tissue boxes
6. Vinegar and oil bottles
7. Plastic disinfectant bottles
8. Window cleaner bottles
9. Polish aerosols