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Sorting and Separation

The heart of our solution

The characteristic of waste in Vietnam is unsorted at the source which may consists of medical, hazardous and industrial waste. Therefore, human interference at the beginning stage is truly worrisome. In order to solve this issue, TSN manufactures robotic arms, bridge crane to pick and feed waste into conveyor belts. Moreover, at the collection center, we reduce waste 's bad smell by using microorganism.

Fully-equipped workers will take over size, harmful, heavy objects out of waste stream. They will stand on the floor, located along the  conveyor belt. Then, waste is transferred to different facilities of the plant using conveyor belts.

After manual sorting, waste stream will no longer have harmful objects which will easily damage processing lines. TSN automatic sorting system consists of many equipments running repeatedly

A. Shredder: To tear package, hard items and chop tangled material
This machine has many sharp blades which will chop down almost everything. The blades is well covered, hence, it cause no harm to workers. Hard items and tangled material will be processed and cut into small pieces. 

B. Trommel
To separate large and small items
TSN uses the trommel system which is a set of trommels with different size separation. When trommels are circlying, heavy objects such as rocks or plastic will remain inside and move to other sorting machines; smaller organic particles is able to go through holes on trommels and are collected for fertiliser production.

C. Horizontal and vertical blowers
To separate light items such as dirt or plastic material
These machines possess huge strong wind. They use the wind power to separate light items; when wind flow through, light material will be blown. This process is repeated at least twice in order to completely remove plastic, dirt and other light objects. The wind can be blown vertically or horizontally depend on the position of the fans

D. Magnetic belts
To separate metal items
TSN uses magnetic belts located on the conveyor belts. While waste stream passes through, metal objects will be taken out automatically.