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Characteristics and applications:

- Input material: Unrecyclable, oversize objects and organic waste difficult to decompose 

- Temperature in incinerators' chambers: Over 1050oC

- Emission from incinerators will be treated and meet environmental standard

- Incinerators are mechanized and fully automated

- Strictly follow safety standard, especially heat

- Save the heat for fertilizer production 

- Fuel: Not required

General principle

Waste is transferred to incineration collection areas by conveyor belts. Hydraulized robot arms will move waste into incinerators.  There are 03 operation modes: primary, secondary and vortex combustion

Emission management

This is the decisive factor to achieve safety standard. Heat is saved to dry the wet organic humus, plastic, input waste for incinerators and enhance combustion rate. Afterward, it is treated with 02 successive solutions before emitting into environment: Dry and Wet