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A. System of composting tunnels: Composting tunnel is a special construction facility with distinct technical capability for degrading organic particles accorading to Tam Sinh Nghia Technology.

Organic particle is controlled of other compounds, sizes, humidity and processed into mineralized humus by spraying newly selected microbial decomposition from Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Hanoi National University. We also enhance air circulation and rotate between tunnels to ensure equal composting process of organic particles: Top - Bottom, Inside - Outside.... Mineralized humus process is continiously transformmed through successive stages.

B. Fertilizer production

Organic fertilizer produced from MSW according to TSN Technology, has its distinct difference from other fertilizers on the national agricultural market. It is the purest compost, meets nutritional demands from all types of plants and suitable for sustainable developments:

- No mixing with "peat" which harden the soil and heavy metals
- No mixing with chemical fertilizer and inorganic particles which damage gradually topsoil structure whereas it requires rich in mineral and water retention
- Provide natural substances (Zn, Bo, Mn, Mo, Cu, …), enrich soil's accumulation of humus and mineral
- Increase reisistance to alkaline, saline and drought.
- Increase porosity, soil improvement and prevent soil erosion
- Improve soil, enhance decomposition of organic particles increasing soil fertility
- Prevents destructive nematodes , penetration of fungal diseases
- Removal of residual toxin in soil for cleaner products (especially land uses too much chemical fertilizers and pesticides)
- Ability to improve soil , increase the humus , porosity , water retention and nutrients , improving soil exchange capacity , adjusting the pH of the soil , speed up the development of beneficial microorganisms